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Precision Machining Products

For industries that demand high performance and accuracy, we provide precision CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC machining services Australia-wide – from complex prototypes to large production runs for stainless steel, aluminium and other metals.

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Custom Design Projects

Using advanced techniques such as CNC machining, CNC turning and CNC milling, we deliver custom parts to your specifications – using complex designs, services and accuracy to help our business successfully meet its manufacturing capabilities.


Competitive Pricing Models

Our CNC machining services cater to all job specifications – nothing is too big. We design, quote, fabricate, finish and deliver for medium and large-scale customers requiring precision engineering components and solutions that meet stringent quality standards.

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Why Choose Elite CNC?

Since 2012, we have been delivering high-quality products on time via our cost-effective process to suit your business needs in Sydney.

End-to-End CNC Machining Process

We're trusted to deliver high-quality machining tools and CNC machining services within full end-to-end processes. We design prototypes, produce machinery parts, finish and coat products and deliver manufacturing solutions in Sydney and Australia-wide. Your job stays under one roof from start to finish.

Trusted and Experienced Team

We have a highly skilled team with plenty of experience in precision CNC machining. Our clients rely on us to tool reliable machinery using high-quality parts within a defined time frame. We ensure quality control in all our processes. Customer satisfaction is important to us, we work fast – so you can deliver fast results.

Up-to-Date Technology

Using up-to-date CNC machining, CNC milling and programming technology allows precision instrument and cutting output on complex components. We deliver high-quality, customised parts in Sydney built to precision and may not be available elsewhere at the same competitive rate as with Elite CNC.

Don't Have Drawings? We Can Design For You

Sometimes an engineering manager needs customised parts designed and fabricated quickly and efficiently within a specified pricing scale. We can do that for you. From design through to the CNC machining process, Elite CNC systems will tool custom parts using CAD technology and precision machinery. We then fabricate using different CNC machining processes to meet your design specifications.

Precision Manufacturing Specifications

Our CNC machining services and capabilities are popular in the transport, infrastructure, aerospace and construction sectors. We deliver reliable results for medium and large-scale projects, get your job into production and sign off on a quality product before delivery. Our CNC machines are capable of working with materials such as stainless steel, aluminium steel and copper.

On-Time Product Delivery Australia-Wide

Once quoted, our CNC machining company will put the material into production runs and it is signed off to your satisfaction. Rest easy knowing we deliver your machine or part in Sydney and Australia-wide. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to ensuring that every part and CNC machining process meets your exact specifications and exceeds your expectations.


Industries We Work With

CNC machining helps to reduce the margin of error in engineering components. As a CNC machining company, we can design and deliver a product that does the right job, time after time and have worked with clients in some major industries.


Elite CNC has been a trusted CNC machining company and supplier of precision machining and CNC milling processes to rail and road businesses in Sydney since 2012. Whether it's control panels, brackets for mounting brakes or truck components, we get the right CNC machining parts ready on time.


CNC machining services are relied on in large-scale pipe, beam, water and sewer infrastructure projects in Australia. With a clear focus on precision and efficiency, we work closely with infrastructure services to build machine parts within strict specifications to solve engineering issues.


In order to build and deliver safe construction projects, CNC machining is crucial to produce custom parts to scale. We provide CNC machining services for small or large construction projects and ensure they are responsive and deliver results with full accuracy on components.


An experienced CNC machining company across Sydney and the country, we produce and deliver parts in a timely manner and to strict specifications for Australia's aerospace industry, including aeroplanes, drones and helicopters used in commercial, government and search-and-rescue applications.

Custom Parts We Manufacture

We deliver machining production services and precision parts using digital computers and g code (geometric) technology forming machining centres - including CNC lathing, CNC milling, CNC turning, closed-loop system milling machines, tooling, hole punching, die sinking for drilling, and more.


We design and provide rotating machine parts with cut or inserted teeth, gear cutting, gear grinding, or heavy-duty gears using computer code and cam software to control physical movements of factory tools and machinery.


Providing conformity on process, quality control and interchangeability in manufacturing, we make fittings designed to secure and support workpieces on a CNC system. Popular materials include stainless steel, aluminium, copper and more.

Ball Joints

Through CNC machining, we can deliver the highest quality ball joints and bearings. Keep in mind a bearing must be designed to tool efficiently in its industry-specific application, especially in high-load or high-temperature applications.


A machine process roller is the most important part of the manufacturing chain - shaping metals such as stainless steel and aluminium into finished or semi-finished forms. We can produce custom parts for rollers delivered on time and to your specs.


CNC machining and CNC milling processes can create valves and other tube fittings, used for engineered components, in nearly every industrial application. We can deliver your specific valve material needs, including stainless steel, aluminium and more.


Brackets securely hold manufactured objects in place during any industrial application. As an experienced CNC machining company, we can design and cut them precisely for you, using coded instruction to precision during the CNC machining process.

Common Materials for CNC Machining

Elite CNC work with a wide range of high-grade materials to manufacture parts that are strong, durable, heat tolerant and lightweight. Our experience using cutting-edge technology provides you with precision-engineered components and capabilities for any project.


With CNC machines, we produce bolts, fasteners, buttons and tools that are heat resistant for high-intensity work. We also machine carbon steel parts for all-purpose machining operations such as turning, boring milling and routing. We can also work with stainless steel and other steel alloys.


A commonly used metal in manufacturing across many industries, aluminium is lightweight yet strong and corrosion-resistant. We mill aluminium components using specialist CNC milling, CNC turning or CNC manufacturing techniques to provide durability and performance strength.


Because of its ability to be formed into complex shapes with relative ease and to precision, brass is a commonly used material for CNC machines. We produce components for use in medical and commercial applications, custom designed and finished to your specifications.


Using CNC machine services can provide solutions for your business to help you cut, form and machine through sheets of copper to manufacture custom components required in heavy-duty performance areas. We produce high-quality copper components with a focus on precision at competitive rates.

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